Our Story.

Erin's grandfather, Lou, appears far left.

Erin's grandfather, Lou, appears far left.



Born and raised in Newport, OR, Erin (co-owner/founder) is a 'coastie' through and through. Merch&Marine is the perfect combination of two of Erin's favorite things: the Oregon Coast and comfortable, affordable, high-quality, beachcomber wearables. Whether you're shopping for your gear inside the funky, coastal-chic confines of Coastie1 or perusing the offerings on Merch&Marine's beautiful website, Erin hopes you'll find something that will be a cozy reminder of how much you, too, love the Oregon Coast. 

After his first tour with the Marine Corps, co-owner, Sean, packed everything he owned into his pick-up truck and traveled cross country to a city and state where he knew no one, in order to attend a graduate school he had just learned of a few months prior.  He waited six long months after his arrival to visit the the Oregon Coast; he has never forgiven himself for the delay.  Merch&Marine is his way of sharing the beauty and splendor of the Oregon Coast and his adoptive home-state. 


Our staff, Sophia and Georgia, are as helpful as they are precocious.  When they are not completing homework, attending rock climbing competitions, or bending hot steel at the blacksmith forge they are working with Coastie1.  

Our endeavor is blessed with the support of our family and friends.  On any given day many of our celebrity guests will attend to your needs when you visit Coastie1.  We ask that you refrain from discussing their real jobs.  Merch&Marine is their opportunity to live a simpler life, if only for a weekend.  


Coastie1 + A Dream



Coastie1 was born in the 60's during the decade of love.  We found her in the backyard of a meat smokehouse turned art studio.  She was refurbished to her current state of coastal chic in 2018.  She travels the coast setting up shop at restaurants, parks and adventurous establishments.  We affectionally call her our "Fashion Vehicle."  Her desire is to provide a unique, simple and authentic shopping experience for Merch&Marine customers.